Selling up? Dulux reveals the paint job that could add 25 per cent to the value of your home

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When you think of what could add value to your home, some usual suspects will probably come to mind – perhaps an extension, garage conversion, or new kitchen or bathroom.

But Dulux has some good news if your budget won’t stretch to those costly transformations. A straightforward paint job might be all you need to impress potential buyers.

According to new research from Dulux Weathershield, a fresh lick of paint could increase a home’s perceived value by nearly a quarter, since almost a third of Brits expect to pay 25 per cent more for a freshly painted home.

Kerb appeal is more important than ever

Painting your exterior walls or front door isn’t just about keeping up with the Joneses any more. Social media plays a part, with 2.6 million Brits admitting they post photos of house exteriors to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts at least once a month.

That perhaps explains why an Instagrammable facade is so crucial to potential buyers, and the fact that 93 per cent of Brits are more likely to attend a viewing if the exterior of the house is well maintained.

A jungle of a garden and windows are among our top bugbears, but what irritates us the most is a drab front door.

Not only that, research reveals we will take an average of 10 seconds to make a judgement on a person having seen the colour of their front door!

So while you may spend months debating what colour to paint the living room, or whether to redecorate your bedroom, it might be time to give your outside walls and doors more thought.

When is the last time you painted the house?

Despite the big difference painting the exterior can make, most Brits haven’t refreshed the exterior of their house in more than eight years, while one in five admit it’s been more than 15 years.

Painting you door could be a job you take on yourself – as many have done in the last few months. If you’re looking for inspiration on what colour to go for, research reveals painting front doors blue can add the most value to homes.

Embracing blue apparently adds an average of £4,000. Shortly behind blue is white, which adds roughly £3,400 to the value of a house. Red comes in third, adding £1,800.

When deciding on an exterior paint to do the job, it’s worth looking for one that guarantees its appearance against the elements. For example, Dulux has introduced a Weathershield Promise that guarantees to protect your home’s walls from flaking, peeling or mould for as long as you live in it.

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