Bring Some Celebrity Style to Your Home Flooring

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Wouldn’t we all like to live like the rich and famous?

A huge part of celebrity culture is seeing how the stars live and many videos and articles have been dedicated to celebrity homes over the years. Architectural digest even has a whole section dedicated to the million-dollar architecture and interior design seen in the luxurious properties of some of the most famous names in the world.

One thing that stands out as a trend with celebrity homes is the use of “high-end” flooring. Actors from film and television, music stars and sports men and women etc splash out on lavish décor that is as impressive as it is homely. They need to live comfortably in these homes as well as entertaining guests, after all!

However, you don’t have to spend millions to achieve a high-end appearance with your flooring.

Get inspired by the celebrities and make your flooring the star of the room, with our tips on finding the right balance between luxury, affordability and comfort.

The Hardwood Look

Hardwood floors are the pinnacle of high-end style and function. They are so luxurious in fact, that having them in your home is known to increase resale value. However, if you’re working on a budget for your home decoration or renovation, hardwood might not be the most affordable option. You still want something highly durable, visually pleasing and traditional, so going for laminate with a wood effect can be an excellent substitute.

Whether in the hallway, living room or dining room, you can expect a textured, comfortable surface at your feet with laminate flooring.

If you’re after that celebrity hardwood look on a budget, you can’t go wrong with laminate flooring. However, there are also plenty of wooden flooring options available out there if you want an authentic feel and appearance. See the range of wooden and laminate floors on offer from us.

Stone Substitutes

Despite the classical look and luxurious style, there aren’t many people in the world who would freely splash out on a stone or marble floor (unless they’re living the high life!). However, the same look can be achieved by using high quality luxury vinyl tiles like those available from Amtico and Karndean, for a fraction of the cost.

Highly durable and with a range of textures, finishes, colours and tiling patterns, luxury vinyl tiles can give hallways, living areas, kitchens and dining rooms a lavish appearance that is still functional – perfect for everyday living as they are for entertaining. You can even give your bathroom floors a classic marble or stone look. LVT lends themselves well to underfloor heating, so this could help seal the deal.

We are a premium Karndean and Amtico retailer, with several other vinyl tile options in stock to give that stone or marble look at an affordable price. View the product range we have available to find your perfect celebrity-inspired flooring.

The Best in Carpets

Finally, to achieve a high-end look you can’t go wrong with the right choice of carpet.

Whether you opt for deep, rich colours like navy and purple, a

stylish pattern or something bright and minimalistic, there are many effects that can be achieved with fabric when it comes to flooring. There are also many different textures you can choose from to find the perfect feeling floor – you want something that is a pleasure to walk on, especially for stairs, living rooms or bedrooms.

The advantage of carpets is that they can effectively complement your upholstery and curtains. There are few better ways to make your home cosy, stylish and colourful all at once.

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