The best bedroom accessories to update your sleeping space

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Interior design experts share the simple tweaks that will revamp your bedroom.

We all know the importance of creating a home that we love; one that reflects our individuality with its design, colour scheme and finishing touches, and makes us feel happy to spend time in.

When it comes to feeling contented and relaxed in a room, it’s arguably most important in a sleeping space.

“The bedroom should be a sanctuary in the evening as somewhere that can uplift you in the morning. When decorating, you have to think about what makes you feel comforted but at the same time, happy,” said Alexandra Laird, Design Manager at Burbeck Interiors.

There’s far more to bedroom design than choosing a supportive mattress and soothing wall colour – it’s important to think about adding cosy textural elements as well as storage that isn’t an eyesore. If you feel your room is currently missing the mark, we’ve asked the experts to share their must-have items that can be bought to easily spruce up a space. Plus, they’ve shared their top styling tips, too.

Layer up soft furnishings

Alexandra advises layering up lots of comfortable, textured pieces on your bed in the form of high thread count cotton or linen sheets, plush pillows and soft throws.

“You want something that you can really sink into at the end of the day,” she said.

Debbie Drake, Design Director at Dunelm added:

“This Pebble Bedspread is a great top layer which can easily be pulled up or folded down. It washes well so is also great to keep your duvet cover clean, particularly if you have kids or pets jumping on your bed.”

Add a statement headboard

“A good headboard is – for me – the place to start and the centre piece of the bedroom,” said Alexandra.

“You can buy one off the shelf or if you have some fabric you really like and the time, you can design it yourself.

“There are lots of amazing patterns and statement colours to choose from, or you can go for something simple like classic cream fabric with little studs. Once you’ve chosen, you can build up the theme around the room with really nice cushions and use a rug to tie it all in.”

Find a bedroom chair you love

“As much as we always recommend clients keep their bedrooms clean, tidy and an oasis of calm, sometimes we understand the need to chuck some clothes on something at the end of the working day – enter the statement chair,” said Amy Brandhorst and Athina Bluff from Topology Interiors.

“Try styling it with a throw draped over for a designer look. We love the MISTY chair from Habitat.”

Don’t worry too much about buying a large, perfectly practical chair, like you might do if you were buying it for a living room, advises Alexandra.

“A lot of times the chair is just going to go into that little corner where you feel it could just do with an extra something. It doesn’t need to be big, or even that practical. It’s not a dining chair or desk chair where it needs to have arms. It’s just something nice for you to look at, maybe throw your clothes on at the end of the day, or sit on to do your make up,” she said.

“Really, it’s a piece just for you, so I think you should look for something that really makes your heart sing. Look for a really nice shape – it could be a slipper chair with no arms, or something mid-century, or a cocktail chair that’s a bit more glamorous and curvy.”

Add a comforting wall covering

Fabric wall coverings are gaining popularity as a fresh alternative to standard framed prints on walls.

“I think wall coverings are something we’re going to be seeing a lot more of. Not only do they add a tactile element; any kind of fabric you can add to your bedroom is going to give your walls a more softened, muffled effect. I think in a bedroom it’s important to work on all of your different senses to create a really cosy environment,” said Alexandra.

“They’re great for those who want to add a statement into their space, as large sizes are often affordable whilst simultaneously packing a serious punch. We’d usually advise putting one on the wall behind a bed due to the soft and tactile element it expresses – and remember to ensure it’s at least half to 2/3 the width of the headboard so it doesn’t dwarf the bed,” said Amy and Athina.

“If you can’t find one you love, the same effect can also be created by hanging rugs on a wall.”

Make storage beautiful with an ottoman

“We like to position these at the end of a bed as they usually help finish off a space, or if space is restricting, place the ottoman along a blank wall with oversized art above for a minimalist look,” said Amy and Athina.

“They’re great also for those lacking a bit of storage if they have hidden compartments like the KOTA from Habitat.”

Alexandra feels ottomans can add a really luxe element to a bedroom, so consider opting for plush velvets in rich colours to channel this.

Alternatively, Debbie recommends going for wicker and woven styles.

“Wicker and woven products are the new big trend for home storage. This Willow Ottoman is the ideal storage for all your spare bedding and a creates a lovely fresh, coastal feel to the room,” she said.

Style up your storage baskets

“Baskets are a great addition to any bedroom – whether you use them as storage for your laundry, as a planter, for storing bed throws or even for hiding daily clutter, they have a function for every person,” said Amy and Athina.

“We particularly like to use them as extra storage next to a bedside table for holding personal items used before bed like books, magazines, body lotion and slippers.”

Alexandra has a top tip for styling up your baskets.

“You can always make them more luxurious by tying a silk scarf or curtain tassel around the handle – this will elevate a classic rattan basket,” she said.

Breathe some life into the room with plants

“House plants are known to have a calming effect not only because they are beautiful, but because they also bring great energy to your home,” said Isabelle Palmer (@thebalconygardener), author of Modern Container Gardening.

“One of the best is Mother in Law’s Tongue (or Snake Plant) which doesn’t need much care. It filters the air of household toxins and emits oxygen at night, which will help to improve your sleep quality.”

“The Boston Fern is great at purifying the air around us, plus they look wonderful and are very easy to grow.

“Golden Pothos has a unique look and aside from its air toxin-cleaning powers, it also is known as a great houseplant, which grows even under unfavourable conditions,” she added.

Create a work of art dressing table

“You can use a dressing table if you’ve got space with great light – it’s obviously a lovely place to sit and get ready,” said Alexandra.

“I’d recommend getting one with drawers so you can tidy away your bits and bobs like makeup and brushes, and on the top you can use it to display your favourite items. Perfume bottles can be like little works of art, you can group a few of your favourites together. I like to get a really nice tray and lay out a few gorgeous earrings on there to catch the light and add colour,” she added.

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