How to decorate a large wall in your living room

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DIY fans are using the coronavirus lockdown to decorate and refurbish their homes. People are only permitted to leave their homes for “very limited” reasons and face fines and charges if they flout these restrictions. But for DIY novices, how can you decorate a large wall in your living room?


An oversized painting or photograph will command attention in the room and set the tone in a small space.

A black and white image is best in a minimalist space, while a vibrant abstract piece is good for a space in need of colour.

You can also use art to create a themed gallery wall which is a good means of adding colour and personality.

To create a gallery wall, display a collection of art or photographs and add hangings or other ephemera.

You can opt for simple, cohesive frames for a more polished look or use an array of ornate variations to make it more interesting and characterful.

For smaller spaces, you can extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to create the illusion of more space.

Accent wall

A tapestry or wallpaper has a good effect on a large wall and can reflect the personality of your home.

Using an adhesive wallpaper is waterproof, sound-absorbing and insulating.

Bright and bold paint colours or stencilled or patterned wallpaper works effectively as an accent feature wall.

These decorative accents can have an even bigger impact in a small space.

Adding a textile wall art piece can also break up white or blank spaces.

The tapestry or wall hanging is a means of adding colour and pattern, whilst also softening a space.

Vintage scarves or pretty textiles framed proves to be an effective look.


Mirrors reflect light and help to make small spaces feel bigger and brighter.

Hanging an oversized mirror or displaying several smaller pieces can work very well in living rooms.


If you have run out of floor space for bookshelves and other storage solutions, you can take your collection to the wall.

Installing floating shelves and displaying hardcovers, small sculptures and other pieces.

You can also show off some of your items, such as hats or your bike, by storing it on the wall, creating a striking yet practical display and focal point.

Mount your television

Your living room is likely where your television is located and therefore it must be incorporated into the decor.

Adding a flat-screen television onto your large wall is a great way to free up space on top of your media cabinet and enhance the wall.

Add panelling

Panelling will infuse your space with different textures and give it a fresh look.

Wooden boards can refresh any room, whether its a dining room, bedroom, hallway or even a bathroom.

Bring in plants

Plants do not only need to sit on windowsills or in the corner of rooms.

Instead, they can be an effective and attractive feature on your wall either hanging or mounted on the wall, adding life and nature to your walls.

Adding a nature-inspired art piece next to these plants can also create impact.

Play with lights

Adding different lighting to a room is an effective way to decorate large walls.

LED lights in particular, instead of a lamp or the pendant, can be used to create art piece.

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