Interior Design Tips: Fab Feature Wall Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

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You’re spending a lot of time in at the moment, so why not make your space the best it can be? Here are our top fab feature wall ideas…

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your space? Why not create a fabulous feature wall, which will make a statement in any room, draw attention to the eye, and potentially give your home a whole new look? Here are a few ideas to get you started…

A Gallery Wall

One of the easiest ways to create a feature wall is by taking any artworks, family photos or whatever, and arranging them all on one single wall to create your very own art gallery in your front room, bedroom or wherever. You can make it even better by purchasing personalised frames or even creating your own art and getting your friends and family to contribute a piece, but even if you just put up a few well-placed prints, you’ll create an eye-catching attraction that everyone will love.

Clock On

Another really simple way to make a statement with one wall is by purchasing an oversized timepiece and giving it pride of place. This works particularly well above the fireplace, but if you find the right clock, you can make it work in any position in any room. The great thing about this idea is that you can find clocks to match any home decor style; from Grecian sophistication to steampunk creations, no matter what you want your room to look like, there will be a timepiece for you.

Bold and Bright

If you’re not averse to doing a little painting, and you want to make a strong statement that’s contained to just one wall, get down to the DIY shop and buy the brightest, most vivid shade of paint you can find and love and apply it to the wall you want to make a focal point. If you want to be really bold, take the colour above the wall line to the ceiling, for a stripe of colour it’s impossible to ignore. The more dramatic the better.

Hang Some Fabric

If you’re looking for a more bohemian decorating solution, why not create a feature wall out of fabric? It’s not difficult to find big swathes of beautiful fabrics, which you can easily staple to a feature wall for a dramatic effect. If you choose recycled sari material, batik prints or paisley, they’ll help you create a hippy-ish boho feel, and because they’re so colourful, they’ll ensure that your feature wall does not escape attention!

Make a Mural

If your art skills are up to scratch, painting a mural on one wall could be an excellent way of spicing up your decor and ensuring that it demands attention. If you can’t paint so well, there are always stickers and wall decals to fall back on, but if you do go down that route, spend a little more on the premium ranges because some decals can look cheap and unappealing.

Expose the Bricks

Looking for a rustic, natural solution? Why not strip away the wallpaper, get rid of the plaster and expose the natural brickwork? It’ll look amazing!

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