How Do I Paint Over Wallpaper

How Do I Paint Over Wallpaper?

Do you want to remove wallpaper but don’t have the skills to do it? In some cases, you can paint over wallpaper – so here are some tips on how to do it.

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Moving into a new property is a daunting prospect, with lots of redecoration required to bring a property into line with your business image and branding, and to make a home feel welcoming for your own family or for prospective tenants. When an existing property is decorated in wallpaper that just doesn’t fit in with your tastes, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of stripping it off and all the mess that creates.

It is the smart way to paint over wallpaper, saving money and time for business owners, landlords, and homeowners. It primes, seals, and blocks stains, allowing you to start painting over wallpaper with an emulsion of any colour, the same day.

The Benefits to Paint over Wallpaper

Save yourself from time-consuming, messy and disruptive DIY – removing wallpaper with a scraper; having to hire a wallpaper steamer; brushing down paste residues from walls; leaving it to dry overnight – by painting over wallpaper.

What kind of paint do you use to paint over wallpaper? We sometimes use Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up blocks patterns and this allows businesses to renovate new or existing premises over a weekend or during quiet periods when the focus should be on installing computer systems or setting up stock and signage; landlords will love how quickly rooms can be transformed to speed up a rental property returning to the market, and homeowners will appreciate the easy process, especially after the pressures of a house move.

Step 1. Surface Preparation

Before you begin to paint over wallpaper, ensure that surfaces are clean and dry, removing anything that could prevent and interfere with adhesion, making sure the wallpaper has well adhered to the wall.

All visible signs of organic growth should also be removed, using Zinsser Mould Killer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and then allow the surface to dry.

Step 2. Priming to Paint over Wallpaper

Once the surface is prepared and dry, the area can be primed with a full coat of Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up. Be sure to check and apply in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

For best results use a roller to apply the primer – a short pile (up to 5mm) mohair or microfibre roller – applying evenly and avoiding any overspread.

Leave the surface for 15-30 minutes before rolling over again, this time using a lightly-loaded roller.

The primer needs a minimum of 4 hours drying time, after which you can proceed to step 3!

Step 3. Decoration

Once the primer has had time to dry, you can begin painting over wallpaper decorate your primed wallpaper with one or two coats of good quality wall paint, corresponding with the manufacturer’s instructions between coats.

Choose a colour to match room fittings, decorate the space in your company colours and branding, or simply neutralise the previous décor with natural tones.

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