Special Effects - 10 Top Painting And Decorating Design Techniques

Special Effects: 10 Top Painting And Decorating Design Techniques

Want to use your imagination and turn your home into the place of your dreams? Special effects painting and decorating design could be the answer for you.

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Paint colours can play an important role in changing the interior design and mood of your client’s home. As a professional painter and decorator, you can use different techniques to make a statement, incorporating bold colour splashes or using the colours to create a more muted interior design.

Painting and Decorating Design

The following are some paint finishing effects that can be incorporated when something outside the norm is required:

1. Stencils

Wall stencilling is a simple art that can create many different effects for a number of rooms – from a child’s nursery to the bathroom The best part is that both upcoming and professional painters can handle stencilling without encountering any major problems, as long as a little care and attention is used. There are many ideas and also downloadable stencils online, so inspiration can always be on hand!

2. Checkerboard

Painting walls using a checkerboard pattern can help add style and life to a room. It’s something that, due to its eye-catching nature, can make a real impact on a room, meaning less need for additional décor, so something to consider on a more sparsely furnished room. What’s even better for you is that you can achieve this effect in very many ways. You can use perfection pure bristle paintbrush to paint checkers in related neutral colours to help create a texturally, but subdued effect.

3. Harlequin

This is a classic pattern that helps to instantly add movement and life to any room design you may have in mind. You can use it in the nursery, master bedroom, or even in the kitchen. You will need to use colours that have subtle contrasts to come up with a sophisticated look that the homeowner will instantly fall in love with.

4. Sponging

This is an age-old technique, that with a creative eye can quickly breathe life into a room/ You can use a literal sponge or a sponge type paint roller to help you add some dynamic texture. The best thing about it is that it is easy and simple to execute.

5. Metallic

If the homeowner wants a modern update that will truly stand out, then you should look no further than a metallic style paint or sheen. You can apply metallic paint in many ways – from the simple wall covering or for a layered look by using metallic accents. Using a sheen over base paint/emulsion can also leave subtle effects that change depending on the angle viewed.

6. Rag Rolling

Once a base layer is established, using a glaze and the technique of rag rolling can create depth with a motley texture. It is as it sounds, using a twisted rag and rolling across the wall. This gives an instant effect and can be used in any area of the house. You can also use rollers that have a texture specific for this type of finish. Rag rolling could be the best painting and decorating design choice for your home.

7. Stripes

Stripes have been around for a long time, they are a timeless décor staple. While not a complex effect, it is something that will need real care and attention – no one wants wiggly stripes! To mix things us you could try adding thin stripes to help create visual effects, however, try not to make things too busy or hard on the eyes! Using boldly contrasting stripes will create a real impact, but consideration of the internal decor is key for them to be a success.

8. Strie’

Strip or streaking helps you create vertical or horizontal lines on the wall to create a look similar to that associated with linen material. It’s known as a ‘faux effect’  and is a negative glaze, where you apply to glaze over the whole surface and then remove with a brush. It’s an excellent way to add texture and warmth to space.

9. Colour Wash

Another ‘faux’ painting technique, you can achieve a subtle wash of course over the wall. Start by coating the walls using satin base paint. Then use a 3-inch synthetic paintbrush and use it to paint over the satin base with a nice glaze (often paint that has been thinned out by a glaze for a subtle effect). You could opt for either a neutral or colour-washed wall. Colour wash could be the best painting and decorating design choice for your home.

10. Polka Dots

Polka dots are a bold statement, however, can add a sense of fun to a wall, or with the correct colour, an impressive impact. Polka is often for a child’s room thanks to their whimsy look and feels, or within the bathroom. While an easy technique, once again, you do need to plan their placement and take care. Using a stencil is the best way to maintain the consistency of the dots, or you can mix up the sizes to really catch the eye!

Full article with thanks to: hamiltondecoratingtools.co.uk/news/top-10-painting-decorating-effects-to-use-in-the-home

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