Why You Should Add Chalkboard Paint To Your Home

Why You Should Add Chalkboard Paint To Your Home

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It’s beloved by crafters and DIY decorators: Chalkboard paint is a fun and easy-to-use product with tons of creative potential. Learn more about the medium and get inspired by our creative chalkboard paint ideas.

Take a spin around Pinterest and you’ll see that chalkboards have a place outside the classroom. Chalkboard paint has almost endless applications for decorating, DIY projects, and crafts—from mini-projects to whole walls.

With all the varieties available, from chalkboard spray paint, coloured chalkboard paint and more, the project ideas are almost limitless.

So, how does chalkboard paintwork? The paint creates a hard, scratch-resistant surface, says Stephanie Radek, of Rust-O-Leum. Their speciality chalkboard paint is sold in black, green, and a tint base that can be tinted to 12 different colours.

Chalkboard paint can be applied like regular paint, but Radek says it should not be applied directly to plastic, bare wood, or metal without priming the surface first.

Radek says that once the paint is cured, the surface should be prepared for chalk by rubbing the side of chalk over the entire surface and erasing. This conditioning step will leave a coat of chalk dust that will provide the best erasability.

To paint over the chalkboard paint, Radek recommends using 180-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface, then washing the area with soap and water to clean the surface. Once the surface is dry, apply a latex primer. After one hour, wall paint can be applied over the surface.

Chalkboard Paint Possibilities

Labels are an excellent organization tool, and they can be made even better when created from chalkboard paint. As your storage needs change, you can simply erase what is written and scrawl the new label. Consider taping off squares on drawers and painting the squares with chalkboard paint. Or, if the drawers have recessed panels, tape off the panel and fill it in with chalkboard paint.

Game Time

Turn old wood TV trays into play-ready surfaces. Paint the top of a TV tray with chalkboard paint and use it for games of tic-tac-toe or hangman. Plus, a chalkboard TV tray can be a fun way to practice spelling words or math problems.

Schedule Me In

Apply chalkboard paint to a cabinet front for an in-kitchen memo board. Plus, You can make chalkboards magnetic! Simply apply a few coats of magnetic paint to the surface before applying the chalkboard paint.

Decorating with Chalkboard Paint

Use chalkboard paint to jazz up walls. Try one of these ideas:

  1. Give little ones a place to doodle by painting a section of wall in a bedroom, playroom, or family room with chalkboard paint.
  2. Paint the wall above wainscoting or paneling with chalkboard paint. Write inspiring words or draw designs—and change it up as often as you like with a quick erase.

How to Make Chalkboard Paint

While chalkboard paint comes in many colours, if you want a custom hue, you can make your own chalkboard paint. Combine 1 cup latex paint in your chosen shade with 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Mix with a paint stirrer. Gently sand the dry layers of paint between coats with 150-grit sandpaper during application. To achieve the best colour, apply several coats.

Full article with thanks to: bhg.com/decorating/paint/projects/chalkboard-paint

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