When To Decorate Using Circular Shapes

When To Decorate Using Circular Shapes

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There is something so satisfying about a circle. Its self-contained neatness; its perfectly simple shape. Circles are also packed with associations. Many of the most vital ingredients of life are circular, after all, from the sun in the sky to a wedding ring or a dinner plate! We relate to circles and are comforted by the regularity of their shape, and that is why they work so beautifully in our homes. They can be decorative, bringing pattern to a scheme, or practical – a circular table being wonderfully sociable, thanks to its shape. So let’s celebrate all things circular with a round-up of schemes incorporating super spheres and delightful discs…

Reinvent the breakfast bar
Kitchens are typically home to straight lines and sleek surfaces, but this beautiful space demonstrates how a disc shape brings pace and energy to the room. It’s also wonderfully practical, functioning as an alternative breakfast bar. Made from dark wood rather than the marble of the surrounding worktops, it stands out as a distinct zone – a place for relaxing or eating, as opposed to somewhere to prepare food.

Be subtle
Working a circular pattern into your home does not have to read as a bold statement. In this bedroom, circles add subtle interest to a wall without looking self-consciously ‘fun’ or quirky. In fact, they gently soften the black scheme, by creating detail in what might otherwise be a rather flat wall.

Fit a fabulous fire
Modern fireplaces have come a long way since the trad grate and mantelpiece combo. Today, it’s possible to have a gorgeous fireplace integrated into the fabric of your home. And once you can do that, why stop at a standard square design? This porthole style beautifully frames the flickering flames, while the curved shelf below accentuates its circular shape.

Personalise a splashback
Mosaics are fantastically versatile, and can easily be used to create patterns rather than simple grids. Here, a bespoke circular pattern has been devised for this kitchen’s splashback. It’s made from coloured mosaics and brings a sense of fun and creativity to a wall that has a practical purpose.

Mirror those curves
The rounded shape of this basin is picked up by the trio of mirrors on the wall. The mirrors’ dark frames match the work surface and picture frames, too, bringing contrast and definition to this pale space.

Make it fun!
Circles can be serious and sensible, but they are also a shape associated with fun and childhood. Think hula hoops, frisbees, birthday cakes and bubbles! To decorate a child’s room with a circular theme, painting colourful circles on the wall and teaming them with a round chair – great for snuggling up on with a story – and iconic Bubble hanging seat.

Create a core
A circle can work as a decorative ingredient of a room – think round mirrors or oversized drum lampshades — but it can also work as the core of a larger design. The paving in this garden is a great example of how a circle can act as a starting point from which a larger design sweeps out. Using different paving stones and pebbles makes this simple pattern stand out and really draws the eye (and perhaps your feet, too!), along the path that leads to the circular centre.

Repeat the motif
This teen bedroom is brimming with circles, but each circular pattern is different so that the space still feels organically put together and not ‘themed’. A monochrome rug has a circular pattern that is echoed in the dark-framed mirrors, hung symmetrically, while on the ceiling, things go a little more maverick, with a ‘target’ of green and red circles framing the central pendant light. There are other motifs here, too – green and red, floral patterns – so that the circles never dominate as the sole design idea, but do help the space hang together beautifully.

Combine with curves
For a really harmonious feel, build your scheme around one central, circular piece. In this dining space, it’s the table. Its circular top is echoed in the disc motifs on the wallpaper and complemented by the curved dining chairs, which seem to hug its rounded shape. The look is elegant, but comfortable and sociable, too.

Add at every level
This beautiful apartment has plenty of strong, straight lines, but to soften this linear feel, circles have been mixed in at all levels. There is the circular coffee table on the ground floor, the illuminated disc wall light in the dining space, the Victoria Ghost chairs on the mezzanine and the fabulous pendant light, hanging above and consisting of a series of fine metal discs strung together. These are subtle circular notes, but they help to offset the masculine feel of the straight lines and dark flooring.

Full article with thanks to: houzz.co.uk/magazine/decorating-how-and-why-to-decorate-with-circular-shapes-stsetivw-vs~31948009

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