6 Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget

6 Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Full article with thanks to: alifewithfrills.co.uk/2021/05/6-ways-to-refresh-bathroom-decor-on-a-budget.html

A well-decorated bathroom not just looks good, but feels good. Regular cleaning and decor maintenance is key to achieving this. Many of us feel inspired from places such as Pinterest, and want to try different things to transform our bathroom. However, some of these bathroom design updates cost quite a bit of money. A stylish bathroom, without breaking the bank, can be achieved though; if you are smart about it. Just imagine your dream space to take a bath and relax! Uplift your bathroom and your mood with these inexpensive ways to update your decor.

Indoor Plants

Indoor trees and plants can be a game changer. They will add a refreshing touch to your bathroom and you can choose something according to your individual taste. For example, palm tree leaves can be a great addition and will add that tropical feel.

Paint Everything In One Colour

Pick one colour and paint the entire area with it. Grey looks amazing in bathrooms, or maybe you’d like a feminine pink. Then choose just one feature wall or panel to wallpaper. That means just one roll of that luxury statement wallpaper you’ve got your eye on.

Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom wallpapers can give an instant boost to the overall look and feel of the bathroom and you can choose something which is reflective of your personality. As you are only buying one roll, you can afford to get that luxury one you’ve had your eye on. Look for something really unique from a local designer to add a real talking point – for example, Glasgow textile designer Timorous Beasties.

Add a Vibrant Coloured Rug

If you can’t afford to have your bathroom floor laid with your dream marble or stone tiles, think about laminate. If you get a chic looking one, and cover most of the floor with a rug, people won’t notice that you don’t have a genuine wood or stone floor. Their eyes will be drawn to the rug and your statement wallpaper. In order to create a focal point, choose a bright colour and one with lots of texture, and place it in the centre of the room.

Affordable Bathroom Showrooms

If you need new sinks, toilets or baths, you’ll most likely need a professional to help you out. Look around and consult with an affordable brand. There are many showrooms which provide consultations and can work within a budget that’s comfortable for you. Wherever you are in the UK, there will be a local supplier who can work within your budget restrictions, for example, the north of England’s experts at Harrogate Bathrooms.

Oversized Pendant Light

An oversized dome light or a more extravagent chandelier can add a hint of glamour to your room and draw eyes upwards. Not only will will a new light fitting illuminate your bathroom nicely, but it can also completely change the style and vibes of the room. Spending money on a few key elements like this and doing the rest on the cheap, can really make your room look incredibly luxe. If you’re in London, try the dreamy lighting from Cox London.

Full article with thanks to: alifewithfrills.co.uk/2021/05/6-ways-to-refresh-bathroom-decor-on-a-budget.html

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