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Great For Families: Best Washable Paint For Your Walls

Full article with thanks to: goodhousekeeping.com/uk/product-reviews/house-garden/g35925200/best-washable-paints

Fed up with scuffs and stains ruining the look of your lovingly painted home? Furniture and carpets can be cleaned with relative ease but marks on the wall can become a permanent fixture unless you know which type of paint to buy. Enter washable paints.

These modern paints claim to make cleaning up after mucky paws, free-range toddlers and bubbling pans a breeze. But do they deliver on this lofty promise?

What is the best washable paint?

We put 14 cans of washable paint to the test to find the best you can buy. The following 12 products earned our discerning thumbs-up:

Is washable paint really washable?

Well, every product on our roundup is! Washable paint boasts stain-resistant technology, making it much more hard-wearing than your average emulsion. Its durable formula means you can wipe away blemishes with simple soap and water, without dulling or damaging your colour and finish.

What kind of paint is washable?

Glossy paint has long been considered the easiest to clean but washable paints now come in contemporary flat finishes too. You’ll find a variety of finishes on our list to suit all interiors tastes, including the below:


Matt paints are non-reflective and smooth, with a sheen level of less than 10%. They complement rich colours and are well-suited to homes that are modern in style.


Particularly popular among the upcycling brigade, chalky paints are highly matt and rustic in feel. Their sheen level is typically around 2%, making them ideal for giving your walls a touch of vintage charm.

Silk, satin or eggshell

Offering a much shinier and more polished finish, these steam-resistant paints have a sheen level of around 20%. They reflect light and are typically quite glossy. Opt for eggshell or satin for skirting and door frames and silk for walls in higher traffic rooms like kitchens and hallways.

How we test washable paint

Our expert testers judge each paint on its application, consistency, coverage, washability and durability. We note how resistant the paint is to scuffing and apply a selection of everyday stains, such as mud and red wine, to see how easy they are to remove.

We assess whether wiping or scrubbing affects the colour or finish of the paint. We trial a range of colours from each brand to gauge how true they are to the colour cards and labels.

Full article with thanks to: goodhousekeeping.com/uk/product-reviews/house-garden/g35925200/best-washable-paints

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