Dark Walls and Patterned Wallpapers: The Latest Trend

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Interior design trends go in and out of fashion every couple of years; here at Industville, we like to keep our finger on the pulse, always looking for the upcoming trends that are sure to take the year by storm! Here, we cast our eye over the latest trend – dark walls and patterned wallpaper.

As people continue to desire more luxurious spaces that create areas of harmony in the home, it is no surprise that this trend is only growing in popularity.

How can you best use dark walls or unique wallpaper to transform your home into a stylish sanctuary?

Embrace Contrasting Furniture

Choosing deeps hues of black, navy, and forest green for your walls gives you a wonderful opportunity to highlight certain spaces or particular design pieces. Rich, dramatic tones on your walls can contrast brilliantly with lighter-coloured furniture or metallic light fittings.

Pairing dark walls with industrial style lights in vibrant brass or copper is a great way to make both elements truly pop, drawing attention to the stylish space you have created.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Where there is dark, there must also be light!

If you are strategic about where you place your lights and the kind of fittings you choose, you will only add to the dynamic look created by your colour choice. Statement pieces and floor lamps help to create focal points that combine with the walls to further establish a moody but comfortable atmosphere.

A light that is focused towards one area of the room can help bring out certain tones in your walls, adding new vibrancy or creating further shadow. Pairing your walls with coloured light can also help bring out the richness and subtleties of your chosen colours. 

Combine with Natural Tones and Materials

As already seen with raw metal lighting, dark walls and natural tones or materials make a brilliant combination.

Wood and plants look great against dark walls as their tonal range is given more prominence. Adding some natural influences can also help soften some of the drama created by darker paint, transforming your room into a space that is both luxurious and cosy.

Combining too many dark colours may create an overly loud space, but incorporating a touch of the natural world – like light wooden furniture, rattan, or houseplants – in the rest of the room can allow your dramatic walls the space they need to shine.

Opting For Wallpaper

If you like the idea of making a statement with your walls, patterned wallpaper might also be something to consider. Patterned wallpaper offers even more opportunity to enhance and customise your space.

Which wallpaper trends are set to be big in 2021?

Botanical Patterns

Botanical walls featuring vibrant leafy greens and countless floral combinations are among some of the latest wallpaper trends.

With most people spending more time inside, many are yearning the bring the outdoors in with a nature-inspired wallpaper that effortlessly breathes life and joy into a room.

Maximalist Masterpieces

With minimalism becoming less trendy, more people are reaching for maximalism – an ethos that embraces a mix-match of patterns, textures, and colours. Maximalism is all about having more of everything!

When it comes to wallpapers, this means incorporating beautifully-intricate designs that burst with personality. 

Marble Designs

Marble-look wallpapers are rapidly gaining popularity this year as people want the feelings of peace and luxury offered by a marble aesthetic without spending the kind of money that real marble would demand.

The clean and dynamic look of marble patterns can help bring texture and a new level of sophistication to any room.

Full article with thanks to https://www.industville.co.uk/blogs/news/dark-walls-and-patterned-wallpaper