The Best Shabby Chic Furniture Interior Design Ideas

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If you’re a new comer to the Shabby Chic style, it essentially revolves around older furniture and decor. The individual pieces that comprise your living space could possibly be aged in various ways occasionally, providing a lived-in and slightly rustic atmosphere that’s both comfortable and visually appealing. There’s a bit of room for experimentation, however the general aesthetic is unmistakable. Even though the same may be said for anything you use in the area, the furnishings you include in your design is utterly integral to pulling away from the look successfully.

With that in mind, here are the best Shabby Chic furniture ideas:

1 – Materials

When it comes to the type of material that compose your furniture, there are actually certain mainstays that may always enable you to land in the right aesthetic. By way of example, lace patterned table cloths, curtains, pillows, or place mats will always be a secure bet. In terms of your decor, consider utilizing slightly worn metal like tin or aluminum with only a hint of rust or wear around the edges. Wood with the slightest little bit of sun discoloration or faded colors must be relied upon to your tables, cabinets, or dressers you might even consider adding a bit of a whitewash to embellish the live-in look further.

2 – Colors

Your color choices are also exceedingly important when it comes to Shabby Chic. You could depend on the natural colors out of your wood and metal pieces, while offsetting them with chairs, rugs, or curtains cast in shades of white, pink, or soft pastels. Jade green and soft blue are also welcome additions. Don’t worry too much about sticking with one monochromatic theme as a combination of numerous colors can help sell the idea that everything inside the room has become accumulated over time.

3 – Feature Your Storage

Hiding your storage away has become something of a growing trend, however you should stay away from it entirely with Shabby Chic. Don’t be scared to feature your curio cabinets, trunks, lightly worn bookcases, or wicker baskets proudly. Their visual characteristics can shift what was once seen as purely utilitarian right into a fully fledged visual center point.

4 – Texture And Patterns

Your Shabby Chic furniture should rely primarily upon its gentle deterioration for aesthetic appeal, but you can include a bit more flair through careful utilization of patterns. Paisley slip covers, floral prints, and striped rugs are probably the most trustworthy examples. Fresh flowers featured within an old tin planter will even add a good amount of visual interest.

By sticking within those general guidelines for your interior design, you’ll have the ability to build a Shabby Chic room which will undoubtedly impress any guest you might have over. On top of that, finding each individual element and bringing all of it together is incredibly fun and rewarding! Provided that you find pieces that balance the “lived-in” concept having a hint of reservation and long-lasting construction, you’ll be good to go.

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