Modern Exterior And Interior Design Ideas

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Well, in the 21st century, modern exterior and interior designs for a home have become a necessity and this is why we have come up with some modern ideas.

Get An Exposed Linear Texture Over The Exterior Wall

If you have a compact area, a modern exterior design can make your home attractive.

Well, in this competitive world, it is quite difficult to accomplish uniqueness in modern home exterior design, but, you can get it very easily if you follow our idea.

Yes, get your exterior wall an exposed brown colored linear texture and along with it, you can have glass panel door and windows.

You can also have an extended shed so that the acidic elements of rainwater do not hamper the beauty of the exterior layout.

Well, you can also paint the bare area of your exterior wall with a light gray color and for making it more elegant, you can give it a Matt finish.

Get Red Colored Wall In Your Dining Room

Well, red is a very rich color and therefore, it is capable of stimulating strong feeling such as an appetite for food within us.

As a matter of fact, you need such type of feeling when you are waiting for your favorite dish sitting on the chair in the dining room. Well, this is why we have a great interior design for you.

Get a red colored accent wall with a Matt finish over it alongside the dining table and along with it, you can the bare area of the wall with a light pink color.

IF we talk about the ceiling, you can have multi-layered tray ceiling with some recessed lighting installed over it and for the floor, you can have a white colored marbled floor with some soft reddish carpet over it.

Decorate Your Bedroom With Hardwood Flooring And Hardwood Accent Wall

Are you looking for modern bedroom design idea? Well, we have an awesome idea for your bedroom design.

Yes, decorate your bedroom with hardwood flooring and you can also make it glossy so that it provides a chic look.

For, attaining a modern interior look, you can have an accent wall covered with a wooden surface.

You can hang motivational picture onto it and for getting the best effect, you can make this accent wall in front of your bed so that you can encounter with this one in the very first morning.

Well, for other parts of your bedroom wall, you can go with a light gray color with a Matt finish over it.

You can also have a floor bed with a gray colored soft headboard. If you want to have a fresh ambience in your bedroom, don’t forget to have a glass panel window paired with light crème colored panel pair curtains.

For the ceiling, you can have a simple tray ceiling with a soft light gray colored finish over it. You can also have soft recessed lighting over it in order to express your sense of style.

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