You Can Now Buy A ‘Half Christmas Tree’ If You Hate Decorating The Back And Want To Save Space

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Yeah, yeah, we know, Christmas isn’t for another two and a half months and talking about it too early tends to make people angry about it, but why not get a good head start on what you could be doing for this year?

Now, every year, you probably want a huge Christmas tree, but have never really been able to fit one into your home, right? Well, as it turns out, there’s this thing called the half Christmas tree which is exactly what you’re thinking—it is literally a Christmas tree that is vertically sawed in half to save space.

Turns out, there are ‘half’ Christmas trees that saves space and you don’t have to decorate the back.

As the description states, it is a semi-round Christmas tree that is designed to rest against a wall. The tree is specifically designed to be used in smaller living spaces where a full-sized tree may turn out to be impractical.

Besides the size, this also solves another issue that some of us lazy decorators have—decorating the back. If there is no back side on a tree, there is nothing to decorate. Plain and simple!

Speaking of decorating, the artificial PVC and PE Christmas tree (822 branches and tips) is mostly already decorated as it comes pre-strung with multi-color or warm white LEDs depending on which type you pick. The LEDs are rated for 25,000 hours of work with a total of 350 lights per tree.

The tree measures at 78 inches in height by 43 inches in width and 22 inches in depth (198 by 109 by 56 centimeters), weighing in at around 30 pounds (or 13.6 kilograms). Yes, there is room for presents under the tree.

While the tree is made to be leaned against a wall, nobody’s really stopping you from hanging it on the wall. Or from placing it on the wall upside down. Or doing that Portal-inspired thing where you get two halves and place them in separate locations, making it look like they’re warping through a portal. But if you get two halves, that’s no longer saving space!

Now, there are also a number of other odd takes on the Christmas tree, as Target, for instance, offers a 7-foot Home Heritage corner Christmas tree that’s not a half, but a quarter of a full tree and leans on two corner walls.

There’s also a different kind of half tree where there’s half of it horizontally—the Argos Home 6-foot tree with a Christmas tree on top and just the trunk on the bottom half of the tree. This one provides more room for presents.

For some, coughing up 250 bucks on this didn’t seem like a good idea, but many thought that it is a very ingenious idea, especially if you have a small place. Others also suggested a bit of a life hack where you can take your regular artificial tree and either put up just one side of the branches or bend them from the back to the front, depending on which type you have.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you consider using just half of a tree for Christmas this year?

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