The Best Paint Colors For Your Kids’ Rooms

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They’ll outgrow you long before they outgrow these colors.

Painting is a serious pain in the a**. You have to move all your furniture and tape all the molding and then endure that god-awful smell for days, so before you decide to paint your kiddos room, you want to make sure they won’t outgrow it, like, tomorrow. These shades are foolproof colors that’ll last them from their terrible twos to their even more terrible teens.

  1. Cerulean Blue

Baby blue is for just that—babies. Go with a darker, richer shade of blue that’ll make him or her love the room even when they hit the stage where you’re not allowed inside of it.

2. Yellow

Fact: If their room is bright and cheerful, they’ll be more energized to get their homework done.

3. Eggshell

Pure white can feel a little stark, so warm up the space with an eggshell shade. That way, you’re still in the neutral family, and you can add contrast with decor and accent pieces.

4. Chalkboard

They’re going to be drawing all over the walls anyway, so you might as well embrace it. Just get ready for all their friends to be begging to come over on the regs.

5. Aqua

This shade of blue may be the most versatile color ever, because it works with almost anything, from coral, to pink, to green, to yellow.

6. Beige

A classic sand color is neutral enough to work over several years and can act as a foundation, so the details can change as the child starts exploring his or her own personal style.

7. Pale Green

The brightness of this color makes the room feel bigger than it really is and abundant in natural light, even though the window is relatively small.

8. Sea Blue

Bonus points if you buy them a ship-shaped bed.

9. Lilac

When dolls and finger paintings are packed away, this particular shade of purple can actually look seriously sophisticated, so she (or he) won’t be wanting to repaint the room the second they enter junior high. It’s a true light purple, with no hints of blue or gray.

10. Sky Blue

This more toned-down blue gives the room a relaxing vibe (so hopefully they’ll actually fall asleep by their bedtime).

11. Light Pink

It’s a classic for a reason.

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